The common world is of course filled with Dickheads.  Your boss, your neighbor,  pretty much everyone could be a dickhead at one time or another.  But only in the world of Bizarre Porn does one find a guy with an actual dick on his head. 

This of course poses quite a few questions.  Which one does he pee out of.  Does he have to stick his head in the toilet?  Is it indecent exposure if he leaves the house without a hat?  Yes these are the things that keep me up at night. 

Somehow this freak of nature does not phase the hot little Missy Stone.  Imagine the possibilities of doing 69!  Plus it gives her something to suck on while she rides his other cock. 

From Freak Fuckers

Missy Stone in a hot tub A man with two dicks A man with a dick on his head 014Bizarre Porn, Missy Stone gets fucked by a freak Strange Porn Fucked by a man with two dicks

Welcome back Bizarre Porn Lovers.  Once again I bring you into the wacky and weird corners of internet porn.  Today we go back the strange obsession our Japanese friends have with tentacle porn.  Namely a super heroine getting molested by the slimy tentacles of a monster. 

What will she do!  the strong appendages ripping at her skimpy outfit penetrating her in her nether regions.  Perhaps she can use some of her super powers to get out of it!  Maybe someone will explain to her this is strange even for the internet!

But her struggling gets her even more entangled and incidentally more aroused as the arms rub her hot body over and over again making her whimper in both fear and pleasure.  Its all in a days work in Bizarre Porn Online. 

Live Action Tentacle

Now we have already discussed the strange fetish of hot girls in diapers.  What indeed could be more bizarre than that?  Well how about a hot pornstar in diapers playing with herself in a crib. 

Thus is today’s entry into the wild and wonderful world of Bizarre porn.  This hot young Pornstar,  Teagan Summers goes for a romp in the crib with her pacifier and diapers.  As strange as this may sound I would love to yank those diapers off of her and let her use my cock as a pacifier. 

But what would possess a hot girl to put on diapers and romp around (other than money of course).   Well it seems that they typical Diaper Fetish has something to do with a state of regression making the wearer feel comfort from the pressures of the outside world.  It is indeed a good explanation but I still think its bizarre. 

From Naughty Diaper Girls

Teagan Summers in Diapers Diaper Girl Bizarre Porn Girl Plays with herself in a crib Adult Baby Girl

I can think of no more romantic place to bring ones homeless girlfriend to fuck than a garbage dump.  This is bum sex after all which returns today in our look into the strange world on online sex. 

It would seem to me that being a bum would lend itself to creative places to have sex.  Assuming your smelly ass doesn’t chase away your hot homeless honeys.  You can fuck underneath a bridge, in an abandon car or even in a public park.  What would possess even the horniest bum to fuck a girl in the middle of a garbage dump.  I really want to know!

Perhaps they decided to go for a tryst while hunting for recyclables or looking for a new card board box to live in.  Perhaps they were not able to control their urges and just got down and dirty right there at the dump.  They are bums of course,  not exactly known for making good decisions!

From Bums In Action

Bums at the garbage Dump Homeless blowjob Bizarre Porn Hooker sucking a bums dick Fucked at a garbage Dump Bum Sex Garbage Fucking photo15

Bums In Action

Once again in the world of Bizarre Porn we come across yet another fine example of the strange things that get people sexually aroused.  Today we have a softcore site.  Now what could possibly be weird about that?  Well nothing other than you have people getting all hot and heavy watch girls in dunk tanks!

Yes that old and favorite carnival game where a nasty clown screams obscenities at you and insults your manly hood  attempting to get you to purchase a chance to throw a ball at the target and drop him in a pool of water.  Just replace the clown with a hot young girl and you have…. well strangeness!

I suppose one could get some satisfaction in watching this,  maybe if they were really annoying and you just dunked them to shut them the hell up.  But if this is your thing,  hey who am I to judge

From Dunk Tank DamesGirl in A dunk TankBizarre Porn Girls getting dunked  Strange fetish pic011 Wet girls in dunk tanks 

Dunk Tank Dames

Once again we delve into the online debauchery that is Bizarre Porn.  This time with a chick with three tits!  Now while more is usually better in this case I feel its a waste considering that most of us only have two hands.  Then again when I am grabbing a slut’s tits while banging the fuck out of her I usually have nothing to do with my mouth so this might fix it!

The other issue is underwear.  Does she get a custom brazier made or does she simply wear two,  which of course is more of a problem since the catches on those things are really really frustrating. 

Of course it might also make titty fucking her interesting as you have a bit of variety and depending on which side you decide to fuck determines if she gets the face full of cum on the right or left side of her face. 

From Its Real

A girl with three breasts  Bizarre Blowjob Taylor_Chanel-Triceratits-Itsreal-08Strange SexBizarre Porn  Three tits

Its Real

Yea you read the headline right.  We are back on Panda’s having sex with young girls.  I know its wonderfully Bizarre.  In any case apparently the wolf couldn’t get it up and called his friend the Panda to harass little red riding hood.  Unfortunately Panda’s are not known for their voracious appetite for young girls.  They are apparently know for being horny as fuck. 

Thus rather than eat the youngster he decides to fuck her with his giant panda cock and blow his panda sperm all over the newly deflowered slut’s face.  One taste of panda dick is all this girl needs to know she wants be bent over and have her ass fucked by Ailuropoda melanoleuca. 

Well I told you it was strange.

From Panda Fuck

Giant Panda Suprises Little Red Riding Hood Panda gets a blowjob Bizarre Porn Strange Outdoor Sex Girl gets fucked by Ailuropoda melanoleuca Giant Panda Porn

Panda Fuck

In the world of Bizarre porn there is nothing like a hot girl getting an old fashion fucking from a guy dressed up as the creature in the black lagoon.  After all why not,  hanging around in a lagoon all day makes a guy horny.  Why not give her a little green dick! 

Which of course begs the question,  do humanoid subsurface lizard like dwellers also have green spooge?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Plus since he is technically a fresh water monster I bet that hard fucking this slut gets leaves one hell of a wet spot!

From Freak Fuckers

Monster Sex 004 Bizarre Porn Creature of the black lagoon gets a blowjob Bizarre Blowjobs Monster Fucking Lizard Sex Girl bent over and fucked by a green lizard

Freak Fuckers

Lets face it,  when it comes to bizarre porn the Japanese simply outdo us all.  You simply cannot beat their strangeness.  They are for all intents and purposes the weird porn superpower.

Nothing exhibits this better than tentacle porn.  Strangely while we think of it as a more modern form of bizarre sex fantasies it has been around for centuries!  The first known depiction of a girl getting raped by large tentacles was back in 1814!  The Japanese were strange even back then.

Well this site ups the ante by combining Tentacle rape with Vore  which for the uninitiated is getting off by girls being eaten whole by large creatures.  Yes that is really fucking Bizarre.

Live Action Tentacle


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I don’t know about you,  but when it comes to all the things a hot girl can wear to turn me on somehow Diapers just doesn’t come to mind.  But it does apparently on our next site in the world of Bizarre Porn.  Naughty Diaper Girls!  This lovely site features just that,  Hot girls in diapers and indeed being quite naughty getting their bottoms spanked!

Now I can see how on some level girls getting spankings is hot.  Hell I have spanked a few of them in my own time.  But not of course in Diapers! I guess if a girl is having incontinence issue I might try it from time to time.

But these adult baby girls are hot and they get punished on their bare bottoms quite severely.  You might even enjoy it!

From Naughty Diaper Girls

Hot girl in Diapers Diaper Girls 008 Girl in Diapers getting spanked Spanking Isobel Wren Spanked

Naughty Diaper Girls